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Saturday, March 06, 2004
  Someone should be talking about the
Bush Administration's complicity in the fall of
Aristide in Haiti. The minute the Bushies
got in power they stripped aid from Haiti,
guaranteeing the country would be tasked
for resources and that Aristide would even-
tually fall.

Americans and their Press would seem to
care less. I'm inclined to believe we kid-
napped Aristide and removed him from the
country. The "rebels" were, in effect, our
own agents. But now that Aristide has been
dispatched, our Marines are down there
mopping up and disbanding the "rebels."

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then
as farce. Aristide has already lost his Presi-
dency once before during the first Bush
Administration. The Clintons put him back
in office when they were elected. Are we
going to go thru this charade again? Will Kerry
put Aristide back in power when he is

I don't think Americans understand that part
of American Foreign Policy is to keep ALL of
South America at bay. Keeping them poor
and dependent on us is a long term goal so
that, with a compliant Canada, WE CONTROL

Its been going on for more than a Century.
The policy is one of the blind spots in the
average American's sense of what we are
doing, not that there aren't others. Watch
what happens if someone down there starts
accepting the Euro for oil payments. That
would be Venezuela, of course. Watch also
for the emergence of Brazil as our challenger
in South America. They alone have what it
takes to eject the US from its malign influence
over "Our Southern Realm!"

Thursday, March 04, 2004
  USA Today Top 150 Books Overview

Dan Brown's got three books on this list, two of them pre-Da Vinci Code. John Grisham has two. Dr. Atkins and his spawn have a half dozen together. The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald's 1925 Classic has spiraled up to 98. Some city must be making it their book of the month. 100 Years of Solitude, the Gabriel Garcia Marquez classic is in the top 50, thanks to the Oprah Book Club. That's pretty heavy reading for Oprah readers. Catcher in the Rye and Tequila (To Kill a) Mockingbird are earning their customary $1 million a year in royalties for their authors, both of whom are still alive. There's a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy spin-off,a Mel Gibson Passion spin-off, Automatic Millionaire, spawn of The Millionaire Next Door but not by its authors, and a Sex in the City spin-off and a new Danielle Steele, Ransom. There's a Cold Mountain trade paperback and a Mystic River popular paper, spawn of the movies. Holy Blood, Holy Grail is at 57, because it trades on the same Da Vinci code of Brown's book, but it may be a book older than Dan Brown's. Dr. Seuss, who has a nationwide Green Eggs and Ham reading each year at this time, to wide publicity, has three Seuss titles on the list. Dave Pelzer, perpetual childhood victim, has a new spin on the old bones, but only two of his original Child Called It and spawn, are on this list, not the new one. The Purpose Driven Life, a Christer restore your life and spirituality opus, has a companion book at the end of the list. Christer books don't usually sell that well,but driven by Bible Study Group marketing efforts, both Purpose-Driven Life and Daily Inspiration for the Purpose-Driven Life, along with Mel Gibson's Passion spin-off are both being driven by Bible Study Group Marketing pushes. Michael Moore, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly each has two books on the list. I'm looking at the literalist Kingdom Hospital miniseries that Stephen King and ABC have coopted from Danish filmmaker Lars Von Triers. ABC hired King to put a pop spin on a savagely ironic critique of European hospitals that makes Paddy Chayefsky's Hospital look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. For putting together this travesty, Eisner shouldn't have just been displaced but fired from Disney Wednesday. Suggest you all rent the original The Kingdom Danish TV series, and the Kingdom Two. They are very savage, but very funny. King has been putting on these dumb horror shows long enough. 
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